Fly Fishing World Headquarters……………. The high water mark at the boat ramp of life

A hard working guide
A hard working guide

My name is Vaughn Cochran, artist, fly fisherman, lodge manager and former Florida Keys guide. Welcome to my blog.

Fly Fishing World Headquarters came about because of an old booking company that I owned called Sport Fishing World Headquarters. That was the first booking company in Key West, Florida that booked fishing charters, seriously! Anyway, I had a great business name and even better, I had a great logo. As an artist, I think having a great logo was almost better.

Over the years Sport Fishing World Headquarters faded away, the internet came along and 800 numbers were no big deal….I was so busy guiding that I couldn’t keep up. But the name was lurking around in the back of my mind waiting to reemerge at the right time.

Well, here it is again but with a new name, a new focus and a new purpose. I guess I’ll need a new logo too!

My goal is to make Fly Fishing World Headquarters my launching pad for a ballistic missile of fly fishing thought, targeting anything to do with fly fishing’s abstract qualities, it’s controversies, art and the essence of fly fishing….flies.

Now for a fishing report……just kidding!