Blackfly Lodge Update 8/29/2012

Lots of news this week….Thinking about our next venue for the Blackfly Lodge Fly Fishing Bahamas Roadshow at The Orlando Outfitter Saturday, Sept. 8th, starting at 5pm. Good idea, as it gives anglers who wanted to fish on Saturday all day to fish and then join us later on for the party at the shop. We’ve had great fun at each of the stops and the turnout has been fantastic. Please make a little time to support your local fly shop by joining us to learn about how you can test out the incredible fishing at Blackfly Lodge in Abaco Bahamas this coming year in our new lodge location in the new Bahamian Village of Schooner Bay.

CONSTRUCTION REPORT….Blackfly Lodge is moving forward after a brief couple of days of showers and wind, compliments of TS Issac.

Great progress, this is a view from the front of the lodge

The second floor balcony is taking shape

A view from the rear of the lodge.

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