Blackfly Lodge Summer Road Show

Summers should be memorable, as I remember them growing up in Florida, and while not the same carefree abandon of summers past, this one is at least interesting…. but in a different way. GM and partner of Blackfly Lodge in Abaco, Clint Kemp, decided to spread the word about our new lodge being completed this coming March and thought we should gather up all our lodge sponsors and hit the road. We would go to selected fly shops in the Southeast, set up in their parking lots and have a party. It wasn’t that hard to convince our partners to join in as we assumed the job of putting it together, working out the logistics and buying the beer. Admittedly we did drink some of the beer!

East Cape Gathering

The route for this first trip was Low Country Fly Shop in Mt. Pleasant near Charleston, S. C., then on to the High Country Outfitter near Atlanta and The Famous Fish Hawk on August 9th and 10th, forward to our own backyard in St. Augustine Florida at Blackfly The Restaurant on August 24th and the Blackfly Outfitter Fly Shop in the Strike-Zone Fishing Center on August 25th and finally in Orlando at The Orlando Outfitter on September 11th.
East Cape Blackfly Lodge edition

I’m writing now after completing the first stop on the tour and telling you it was much more fun than we expected. Over a hundred anglers showed up to register for the grand prize drawing and the Low Country Fly Shop had their 3rd best day in sales ever! Loyal East Cape Skiff owners trailered in from the area to show anglers the breadth of the East Cape Skiff options and models available. We gave away all kinds of shirts and sponsor gifts and our new East Cape Blackfly Lodge Edition Skiff was headquarters for the Kalik Beer. Their built in coolers worked great.
Capt. Clint talking about our new boat

If you’re in the area of any of these fly shops please stop by and “support your local fly shop” so that they will be around when you need their advise or help. Also, please support our “Roadshow” sponsors: Simms Fishing Products, East Cape Skiffs, Evinrude Motors, Thomas and Thomas Fine Fly Rods, Hatch Reels, Airflo Fly Lines, Costa del Mar Sunglasses, Yeti Coolers, Blackfly Outfitter and Airgate Aviation with direct flights to the Bahamas. We hope to see you at one of these great retail stores this summer.

If you have a fly shop and want us to visit your store to help you put together a plan to bring a group of 8 anglers to our new lodge in the Bahamas give us a call at 904 997 2220. The NEW Blackfly Lodge opens March 1st, 2013.

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