Fishing in a Buff…The best Vaughn Cochran Buff design online poll

Most of you probably have heard of Buff Headwear and what a great new fishing product it is. I discovered them myself a few years back at a tournament that I was fishing and thought that here is a really unique product. Then I saw that my friend Pat Ford, the photographer, had supplied the Buff Company with the design. The light bulb went off and a week later I was their newest artist. I have been doing the “Vaughn Cochran Angler Series” artwork for three years now and it couldn’t be more fun. So…..

It’s time again for the new Buff designs for 2010. This year however, I am putting up the designs for you to vote on. I’ll take your results to the decision makers (the deciders) and see what happens. Just view the Buff designs below and then please take a moment to make a comment about which ones you like the best. Give me your top three to five designs.¬†OK, if you have to you can tell me which one is your least favorite.

Buffs are more popular than ever and most anglers are finding that they need several of them to make it through a week of fishing. It is OK to wash them after every fishing day. You can even wash them after every fish. It keeps you cool and refreshed throughout the day. Some anglers have discovered that they have lucky Buffs…I don’t know, I just report the news. They’re also great for keeping the bugs away AND…you can even drink a beer through them.


Your pick will be added to the designs from the past year to make up the “Vaughn Cochran Anger Series” for 2010.

Lean Gree Fighting Machine
Lean Green Fighting Machine
Tarpon Explosion
Tarpon Explosion
Rolling Tarpon
Rolling Tarpon
Fly Fish or Die!
Fly Fish or Die!
Coral Reefers 2
Coral Reefers 2
Bluewater Fly
Bluewater Fly
Backcountry Flies
Backcountry Flies
Fly Squares
Fly Squares
Crab Fly
Crab Fly
Coral Reefers 1
Coral Reefers 1

Blue Bones
Blue Bones
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37 Replies to “Fishing in a Buff…The best Vaughn Cochran Buff design online poll”

  1. Oh, and another thing . . . INSECT SHIELD!!

    It would be great if you could add that feature to your Buffs!

  2. Vaughn,

    “Fly Squares” is my favorite! WHY, you might ask?

    In my humble opinion, at a distance of greater than a few feet away, more complicated designs become unrecognizable blobs. I prefer the clean, crisp appearance and bright colors of Fly Squares.

    2. Blue Water Fly
    3. Crab Fly

  3. 1. Bluewater Fly
    2. Lean Green Fighting Machine
    3. Blue Bones ( I would aslo like to see it with redfish)

  4. Vaughn,
    1. FF or Die!
    2. Rolling Thunder (Tarpon!)
    3. Fly Squares

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Vaughn,
    My number 1 is Coral Reefers #2
    2 is Blue Water Fly
    3 is Rolling Tarpon, looks like rolling thunder………

    Great work, Thanx

  6. Vaughn,

    1st- Backcountry Flies
    2nd- Tarpon Explosion
    3rd-Lean Green Fighting Machine
    4th- Fly Fish or Die

    Back to fishing!!!

  7. Hey Vaughn and Jeff! Great new looking blog here! You guys always have something new to share! Thanks and keep it up!!!
    My vote goes this way:
    1st: Blue Water Fly
    2nd: Crab Fl
    3rd: Fly Squares

    I love the bright new colors! Can’t wait!

  8. Fly Fish or Die (definitely #1)
    Blue Bones
    Rolling Tarpon
    and….Fly Fish or Die in Blue and Orange

  9. Here are my picks
    I already have four buffs
    Best universal appeal
    I would buy
    Blue Bones
    Coral reefers 2
    Rolling Tarpon

  10. Vaughn,

    My picks are:

    Coral Reefers 2
    Blue Water Fly
    Blue Bones/Crab fly is a tie

    Keep em’ coming…..

  11. Vaughn,

    Awesome work!
    My favorites in order…

    Bluewater fly
    Blue bones
    Fly Fish or die
    Crab fly

    Im hoping for a fish skeleton on the next round!


  12. In the following order:
    Coral Reefers 2
    Coral Reefers 1
    Rolling Tarpon
    Blue Bones

    Hmmm . . . a lucky buff. Gotta start paying attention to which buff I’m wearing when I’m catching fish!

    Love the Reefers. These things are addictive!
    Great work!!

  13. Vaughn,

    My favorites are:

    1. Bluewater Fly
    2. Blue Bones
    3. Rolling Tarpons


  14. Vaughn,
    As usual your work is amazing. My favorites are:
    1. Lean Green Fighting Machine
    2. Rolling Tarpon
    3. Coral Reefers 1

  15. tough choices
    1. Rolling Tarpon
    2. Coral Reefers 2
    3. Bluewater Fly
    4. Backcountry Flies

    love em all, thx for leaving it up to democracy

  16. Vaughn,
    Fly squares
    blue bones
    lean mean fighting machine
    crab fly
    bluewater fly
    least favorite..coral reefer 1
    All the best to you and Jean.
    see you in Abaco

  17. Vaughn,

    I’m going with
    1. Fly Fish or Die
    2. Blue Bones
    3. Lean Green Fighting Machine
    as my top three, but I like them all.

  18. Vaughn,

    I’m feeling these three:

    1. Rolling Tarpon
    2. Blue Bones
    3. Backcountry Flies

    Hope you and Jean are well.


  19. Vaughn…
    My favorites are:
    Blue Bones
    Lean Green Fighting Machine &
    Bluewater Fly
    Cool stuff!

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