Time to Vote on the NEW 2011 Black Fly Buffs

It’s that time again!

Thanks to all of you for your input on the 2010 Buff® designs. Please vote for your top choices on these new 2011 designs in the comment area below.

Black Fly Line Buff

Cochran Snook Buff

Crab Fly Buff

Dolphin Checkerboard Buff

Flags Flyin' Buff

Fly Fishing Buff

Marlin Colors Buff

Palm Tree Buff

Permit Bandanna Buff

Sailfish America Buff

Sunset Palm Slam Buff

Surf Buff

I also have two new Polartec Buff® designs that are the ideal protection during the winter months. Polar Buff® is the Original Buff® headwear sewn to a cylindrical piece made of Polartec® Classic 100. In cold weather, Polar Buff® maintains body temperature and prevents heat loss, thanks to the combination of microfiber and Polartec®.

Polartec Black Fly Red Buff

Polartec Black Fly White Buff

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17 Replies to “Time to Vote on the NEW 2011 Black Fly Buffs”

  1. I’ll buy one of the Marlin Buffs when available. Suggestion, I get a “V” shaped sunburn where the Buff stops and before my 2nd. shirt button. It would be great to have a wedge of Buff material to cover this spot as I can’t get the top button closed.

  2. Love the “kalik” fly fishing buff, #2 palm tree buff, but also have to have a polar black fly white!

  3. I enjoy your creativity! My favorites are Permit Bandana, Surf, and Black Fly Line. Oh,…your buffs are also, awesome for an emergency bandage/tourniquet! 😉

  4. My picks, in order, are Flags Flyin’, Palm Trees and the Crab Fly Buff. Once again, I’m impressed with your creativity. Can’t wait to see next years choices.

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