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In my opening post back on the 7th of June, I talked a little about how the title for this Blog came about and just a little about what I have been doing over the years. I would like to take a few minutes of your time to bring you up to date on what I’m doing now and also tell you where I’m headed in this wonderful sport of fly fishing.

When I retired from guiding in the Keys in 2002 my wife Jean (also an accomplished fly caster) and I moved back to my home town of St. Augustine Florida and opened Black Fly Outfitter in the heart of old St. Augustine. Black Fly Outfitter is a retail store selling fly fishing equipment and an Art Gallery where I could display and sell my art work. Although I had retired from guiding, I knew that I would always be involved in the sport. Having a fly shop that geared itself to the local fishery would keep me in constant contact with the changing trends in the sport.

As I was setting up the store and gallery, I knew that I would need a website with an online store so that I could offer my art and branded Black Fly merchandise to the world through the World Wide Web. Once I had the site built I knew I would need someone to manage it for me so I started a campaign to bring my long time friend and newly retired keys guide Capt. Jeff Segallos on board to take on the job. It took a bit of doing, but he finally agreed to relocate to the north and join my team. Capt. Jeff brought not only his computer skills to us but also his years of fly fishing experience to our mix.

In the summer of 2006 we expanded our presence to the Jacksonville area with a new shop located in a sports related shopping mall. This move called for local knowledge of the nuances of fly fishing in Jacksonville waters and of the fishermen in the area. We found the perfect candidate in former guide Capt. Randy Lanier. Randy has been involved with the local fly fishing community for years and brought with him an immediate following. Jean, Randy, Jeff and I have a combined 80 plus years of experience with the fly rod and feel that we can handle just about any fly fishing question that could come our way. We are all active fishermen and fish every chance we get.

The BFO Staff
The BFO Staff

I feel that I now have a “dream team” assembled that will free me up to continue my painting and work on my future plans for the expansion of  the Black Fly Outfitter brand.

We have expanded our web presence in order to present the various aspects of our activities. Upon entering the main Black Fly Outfitter website, you will have the opportunity to visit the Vaughn Cochran Fine Art Gallery where you can view most but not all of my work over the past years. Here you can view my Original Paintings that are mostly still available, the Archive Portfolio containing pieces that have been sold, some of my work that I’ve decided to have made as limited edition prints can be seen in the Fine Art Prints section and finally a Guest Artist section which is currently displaying the powerful work of my friend Frank Monaco. I hope that you will take a few minutes to visit the gallery and look around, if you see a print that you like it will be available for sale in the online store.

The main section of the website is the Black Fly Outfitter Store where you can shop our big selection of fly fishing products and my artwork. From the store you can also visit the Black Fly Bonefish Beach Club and our Destination & Fly Guide.

The entry page also has a link to this blog and for those of you, who may be interested, a link to my twitter page. All of the sites that I’ve mentioned here are available through the links in our Blogroll on the left hand sidebar of this page.

I’m encouraging everyone here to participate in this blog so you’ll be seeing articles posted by all of us. I am also inviting our store customers, friends and fly fishermen worldwide to participate in this blog, sharing their stories, points of concern, and their all around knowledge of the sport.

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