New kayak fishing program at Black Fly Bonefish club, Abaco

In case you just stumbled onto this blog…. and before I launch into a blatant plug for our lodge in the Bahamas and our new kayak program, I should tell you that I am a part owner of the Black Fly Bonefish Club. This is an endeavor that I swore I would never do again. My wife and I have managed several lodges throughout Latin America and when we decided to settle down back in the states we never dreamed we would be working with another lodge again, much less owning one. Well, the fishing was so good we couldn’t resist. Bonefish, permit, tarpon and tailing mutton snappers all in one place, not to mention all of the offshore possibilities that lurk just off the entrance to our marina. So here we are, owners of the most exciting lodge we’ve ever been a part of and to tell you the truth we’re thrilled to be part of this. Now, we’ve added and new dimension to fishing in the Bahamas and…..

Lean Green Fighting Machine
Vaughn's Lean Green Fighting Machine

WE’RE REALLY EXCITED !!!!!….. The decision has been made by my partner Clint Kemp and myself to bring kayak fishing to the Bahamas. This is unusual because most lodges don’t want you to fish on your own because it takes money out of their pocket. We found that there are lots of dedicated kayak guys who would be happy to pay a reduced price from the normal guided price, not because they’re cheap but because they just want to fish out of a kayak. Our kayak package will be just like a normal fishing package that includes airport pickup, private room, unbelievable Bahamian cuisine and kayak guide.

Kayak bonefishing
Kayak Bonefishing

At most lodges the fishing grounds are somewhat distant from the lodge and not very convenient for kayak fishing.  At our lodge in Abaco, we have the perfect place to fish out of a kayak.  At our boat ramp there is a lagoon and a series of flats that you have to motor through to get out to open water. As we have been fishing and learning the fish routines, we have discovered that we have incredible bonefishing right at our boat ramp. In fact, you can fish right from the main highway on the right tide and see hundreds of fish.  The lagoon is a large but shallow body of crystal clear Bahamian water that has a series of mangrove islands and creeks to fish in. On the western edge of the lagoon is a large creek that meanders through another incredible flats system that you could fish in for weeks and never see it all. We have seen 10 pounders in the creek not to mention snook and loads of  jacks and snappers. No need to paddle far to have success.

We are currently working with Freedom Hawk Kayaks to bring in their special “stand up” kayak that seems to be special made for bonefishing.  This is an incredible boat and perfect for standing up to get a better view while wading the flats. This kayak is in a standard mono hull configuration when paddling, but with the pull of a lever swings open into the configuration that is pictured below. In addition to the stern portion opening as shown, there is an additional stabilizing bar that can be raised if wanted to assist in standing and act as an additional aid to balance.  These kayaks are extremely well built, easy to paddle and a joy to fish from.
We’re sure that this will be a huge hit and a real eye opener for anglers who try this for the first time.

Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Keep checking back with us to find out when the launch date will be or if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, click on the link in the sidebar to start receiving  Black Fly News and you’ll get the launch in our newsletter.

ALSO…Check out our regular fishing packages…. Black Fly Bonefish Club Fall Special from Sept. 15th to Dec. 15th, 2009…..any combination of days…..BRING  THREE ANGLERS, GET ONE FREE !!!!!   Nobody has ever offered a package like this, it’s usually bring seven or nine and get one free.  Take advantage and come visit the construction site of the new town of Schooner Bay and try the unbelievable fishing.  Call the store at 904 997 2220 or read all the details at Black Fly Bonefish Club.

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  1. I’ve used kayak’s before and another fun angle for them is that they allow guests to take short trips, when there is close in fishing, rather than the typical half or full day.

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