Sage Method vs Sage Igniter Fly Rod..a review

This review is written by Blackfly Outfitter associate Nick Way,

We just recently received our first shipment of Sage’s latest fly rod offering the Igniter. This rod replaces the Method in their line as their “Ultra-Fast All Water Rod”. The 7wt Method has been a favorite of ours in the shop for some time for our local fishery and occasional trips to bonefish in the Bahamas when conditions allow or present the need for a lighter presentation. Personally it is the rod I am holding on the bow 9 times out of 10 and is one of the best rods in that line class I have thrown. I was anxious to get my hands on the 7wt Igniter to see if it was a worthy replacement to my go to stick.

Sage Igniter
After casting both side by side paired with a Tibor Backcountry and Rio Flats Pro it’s easy to see that the Igniter is an upgrade to the Method. With the use of Sage’s Konnetic HD technology the Igniter is even lighter and more responsive than its predecessor. It puts the best attributes of the method in raw power to turn over heavy flies and punch through the wind in a much more user friendly package by improving the feel of the rod allowing less experienced caster to feel the rod load and is much more controllable and accurate in close.
Overall I think Sage hit a home run with this rod as they did the Method and it is sure to become a fan favorite. Not only will it excel in our local fishery but throwing large streamers for trout or throwing to spooky bones in a stiff breeze. Pair up the 7wt with a lighter reel such as the Tibor Backcountry and you truly have an all water setup that can excel in many different fisheries.
Check out the brand new Igniter Fly Rod here: Sage Igniter

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