Bonefish flies, what do I need?

If you’ve been bonefishing for a while like me, you probably have a nice collection of bonefish flies. When I say “nice collection” I mean a boat load of bonefish flies, no I mean hundreds of bonefish flies. Do I really NEED all those bonefish flies? Maybe! You see, a nice collection is exactly that, the word collection is the key word here. Collection is a certain thing or things accumulated in one location. These flies are not necessarily for using, well they might be, but these are for the purpose of having them in case I come upon a rare occasion that one of the old reliable bonefish flies doesn’t work. The conversation with myself goes like this, ” They’re not eating anything, maybe this will work”, as I pull out my box of bonefish flies that I usually don’t get that desperate for, here’s one, I’ve never tried this one before.” I tie it on and wait for the next chance for rejection. Rule number one: If they’re not eating the old reliable ones, they’re probably not going to eat the new never used one either. Sometimes they do, but mostly they don’t.

So, what do I need? Everything you have in your fly box. This is a peace of mind situation knowing that you have every possible base covered no matter what the fish or Mother Nature throws at you. Deep water, shallow water, fast or slow moving water, no sun, blinding bright reflections, dirty water, crystal clear water, it doesn’t matter, I’m covered! When you do find the magic fly, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re really good at this!

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