Fin clipping for fun and profit, BTT joins Black Fly

Our Black Fly Online World Bonefish Tournament, the first ever by the way, is now working with the BTT (Bonefish Tarpon Trust) to further research into the “goings on” of all the bonefish swimming around out there.  If you’re new to tarpon, permit and bonefishing , there is an organization, of which I am a founding member, that has dedicated itself to the  understanding of these species and their protection.  Their website link is

Join the Bonefish Tarpon Trust
Join the Bonefish Tarpon Trust

The BTT is a group of concerned anglers and guides who want to preserve their way of life. Their researchers are scientists working to answer questions about these popular and elusive gamefish. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is this and more. It was formed in 1998 by a group of anglers, guides, and scientists in the Florida Keys who wanted to learn more about bonefish and tarpon in order to enhance their dwindling populations. Since then it has grown to include concerned anglers from over 20 countries, researchers from throughout the world, and guides committed to working with BTT in order to educate anglers and gather data while on the water.

We started our online tournament in May and will continue throughout the summer and into the fall.  There are new winners every month and the prizes are my artwork. The largest bonefish so far is a 25 and a half inch fish out of Miami.

Aaron Adams, head researcher for BTT, has agreed to send us fin clipping kits to send out to all entrants so that we can help BTT in their bonefish DNA species determinations. This is actually more beneficial to them than tagging as our fish entries are coming from all over the place and therefore more of a sample. If all of our entries were from one place like Abaco then the tagging program would be the best choice.

The tournament has been a lot of fun but we would like to have more anglers fishing in the tournament to help in obtaining more bonefish samples.  To sign up go to our register page and fill out the form. We hope that as the news spreads we will get anglers that are going to the various lodges around the world to join us….who knows you could be the World Champion.  Maybe the bonefish lodges around the world would start to compete with each other as to who had the most World Champions from their lodge.

Anyway, if you’re going bonefishing, you might as well sign up….it’s fun and you could be the next Black Fly World Bonefish Champion.

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