Why you need global rescue insurance

By Mike Hodge

Ever been fishing, when an accident happens? Maybe you sprain an ankle? Even worse, maybe you break a bone? Maybe you get sick?
If you’re fishing locally — and with a buddy — you’re probably OK. You’re only a cell phone call away from help at a hospital or clinic.
But what if you’re fishing abroad, away from the comfort of home, what do you if things go wrong and you need medical help? If you think your health insurance will cover you and that all will be taken care of, think again. Chances are, your hard-earned dollars towards that monthly-premium won’t matter much in a foreign country.
Brian Jill, a co-star on GEOFISH and GEOBASS, a series of fly-fishing adventure films, carries Global Rescue Insurance to ensure his medical needs are taken care of, no matter where he or his cohorts are. It could be deep in the Amazon in search of Peacock bass or big snook after trudging through Mexico’s thickest muck. Regardless of the obstacles, Jill knew medical help was but a satellite phone call away.
“We’ve had it for a while, but never needed to use it,” Jill said. “(We) feel better knowing it’s there, though.”

Brian Jill (center) of GEOFISH fame uses Global Rescue Insurance.
Brian Jill (center) of GEOFISH fame uses Global Rescue Insurance.

If Global Rescue Insurance is good enough for an adventurer such as Jill, shouldn’t you have the same peace of mind? Odds are, your trip will go well, but it’s a good idea — and a good investment — to have a plan if you need medical assistance.
Blackfly Lodge has you covered when you visit us in the Bahamas. Global Rescue Insurance is automatically included in packages for our guests. We want you to be comfortable and relaxed during your stay. For information about medical and travel insurance, visit our Blackfly Lodge website:

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