Why You Should Have Fish Art

Submitted by Mike Hodge

In every house or office, there’s a story. For the first peek into a person’s life, look no farther than the pictures on their walls. Some people have photos of their family or friends. Or their pets. I fish, so naturally I have fish art.

There’s a redfish in my kitchen and another one in the living room and a brown trout just above the fridge. The majestic tailing red is my saltwater favorite. The brown is a tribute to my love for spring creeks.

So why do we have art? Why does art matter? Because it gives others a glimpse into who we are. It can inspire, it can send a message or create a conversation.
The Blackfly sticker, on my old Jeep, was an instant ice-breaker, on or off the water, with anglers and non-anglers. Other fly fishermen instantly recognized the logo; those who didn’t fish often were overcome with curiosity: Just what the hell is that?

The cliché is true: A picture is worth a thousand words, probably more.

If you’re a serious fisherman, you try to fish as much as you can, but if you’re not fishing, you’re probably thinking about it. Having that visual connection to the water is always comforting and a way to connect with others.

So if you’re going to have fish art, why not buy quality? Blackfly is known for its first-class fly shop, restaurants and lodge. Blackfly also offers stunning artwork for your home or office.
Vaughn Cochran’s sporting fish art, generated from a tremendous amount of time on the water and at the easel, demonstrates nature’s nuances. Much of Vaughn’s inspiration came from his days as a fly-fishing guide in the Keys. His job was to find fish, and that attention to detail served as the muse for his art, which he expresses in a variety of mediums —- oil and watercolor paintings; ceramic sculpture; art pottery; print making; intaglio; silkscreen; wood carving; batik; and metal working and casting. His portfolio spans more than 40 years.

If you want to browse or buy Vaughn’s world-class art, stop by the Blackfly Outfitter in Jacksonville, the Blackfly Restaurant in St. Augustine; or the Blackfly Lodge in the Bahamas.

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