Best of Both Worlds: The Thomas & Thomas Exocett

This post submitted by: Mike Hodge

Photo by Meredith McCord
Photo by Meredith McCord

Thomas & Thomas’ motto is “the rod you will eventually own.” Their belief is by the time you try other fly rods, you, the customer, will want the Thomas & Thomas brand.

T&T’s quality consistently shines brighter than the competition. After all, the Massachusetts-based company has been making fine fly rods since the late 1960s. They do so one rod at a time, with painstaking attention to handcrafted detail, from the butt section to the tip.

So it is with the Exocett saltwater series. If you want a rod that’s sensitive enough to cast well for all skill levels, but strong enough to handle everything from tarpon to tiger fish, the Exocett is for you. Trouble turning over those bushy tarpon patterns?
The Exocett can help you punch through that afternoon wind — without wear and tear on your shoulder. Furthermore, the Exocett has proven its durability world-wide, slaying giant trevally and monster tuna in the Seychelles.

The Exocett is known for its performance, but it has a sleek, sexy design as well. The 9-foot, four-piece setup features a matte blue, low-friction finish.

Then there’s the T&T commitment to personal customer service, prompt, yet thoughtful. Fittingly, T&T prides itself on American craftsmanship, innovation and quality. Every rod is 100 percent American made. None of the materials are imported. Not even the graphite.

Stop by Blackfly Outfitter to check out the Exocett series, weights 7-12. You won’t be disappointed.

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