Blackfly Lodge hosts Jerry Siem and Diana Rudolph

We got this post from Capt. Clint relating an incident from this Saturday guiding Diana and Jerry.

As a guide you would not typically call a fish at 90 feet and hold the boat, but when you have Jerry Siem and Diana Rudolph on the boat, you do it just to watch the show. What an awesome privilege to fish with this couple who amazed me with a day long casting clinic and lots of good laughs.
Diana catches this nice bone on a tarpon fly with 40lb shock. It was feeding in 3.5 feet of water on clear sand flat and rose to take the fly on the surface it was a thing of beauty.

After a few days of very challenging weather we finally got a great day, maybe too great, slick and slightly overcast. We had a number of great shots at tailing Permit but even perfect casting could not make it happen,………. they were still Permit.

Diana’s face says it all when we called the day

It’s days like this that make all of the rough, terrible days poling your skiff worthwhile. Definitely Worthwhile!!


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