A redneck fishing tan, or how I learned to love the knife !

Lets talk about sun protection. How many gross pictures of stitches and missing parts do we need to see to drive the point home that you need to cover up if you’re spending the day on the water. For some of us, the damage has been done long ago as I’m told by my dermatologist who I see way too often. “Were you a surfer?” he asked. “Yes”, I said, “as a matter of fact, I was one of the first people to surf in North Florida along with four of my nare-do-well beach bum friends. Oh yeah, I was a life guard too……and I’ve fished all my life including many years as a fly fishing guide in the keys. Then there was several years as a manager of fly fishing lodges in the Caribbean.” “Looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of each other”, he said holding the dreaded freezer gun and a chest pocket full of syringes loaded with very effective local anesthetic.

This is the life of a person who didn’t know any better until it was too late. Much like my life as a conservationist….ah hell, there’s plenty of those (fill in the name of the animal) around! We just didn’t have any idea what we were doing to ourselves. Fast forward to a few years ago….”Hey, I said, what’s that thing you’re wearing around your neck, that’s pretty cool looking….is it hot?” “It’s a Buff” he said. As an artist and someone who is always looking for an art licensing opportunity I called the Buff company and became one of their designers. The right time and the right place for me as the Buff Headwear company took off in the marketplace and my Blackfly company logo became one of their best selling designs.

Because of a simple “Cool Max” fabric tube that can be worn in all sorts of ways, the up and coming fisherman can avoid the every three month appointments I have to endure with the dermatologist. He’s a nice guy but it hurts like hell every time he attacks me…(saves my life)!
So, it’s not too late to change your ways and start wearing long sleeve shirts, long pants, shoes (those skin cancers can grow in between your toes), a good hat, sun gloves and a Buff type sun mask. I will not include a picture of my left ear in this article…..and yes you still need to put on sun screen!

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