Time To Travel (Part 2)

The Blackfly website theme has been focused on travel for the past month or so and since I’m traveling, I thought I could get away with another post to reinforce our theme. I’m sitting in the Bahamas at Blackfly Lodge trying to put this experience in prospective. The main take away from the act of traveling is to experience something new, go to a a new place or obtain a new perspective on life in general. I will also add time to reflect on life and to get new art ideas. Today I realize that there is another reason to travel ……to spend time with friends. Out of all theses experiences I think spending time with friends is the most important. I was invited on this particular fishing trip because one of the original anglers hadn’t gotten his passport renewed in time. I had about a three day notice and managed to get clear of my work and household duties to sign on for the trip.

Now you know the best parts of any fishing trip is the anticipation, planning you trip and tying flies and buying some new equipment. I missed out on all of that, I was lucky to just get everything together and packed. Fortunately, I keep my gear mostly ready to go in a moments notice and I just have to divide my flies up depending on where I’m going.

OK, we’re at the lodge and the truths begin to come to light. All of the guys on this trip have known each other over 50 years. They terrorized the colleges they went to and shared hunting trips to Africa. They dated the same girls and shared all of life’s highs and lows. The beauty is they’re still traveling through this universe partying, drinking, but not as much, and now recounting who did what to whom. It is an honor to have been asked into this group and I feel like I’ve been let into a secret society. Never pass up and opportunity to be with old friends, even if they’re not YOUR old friends.