The Big Eclipse and my advice about seeing it.

If you’ve ever wanted to go night fishing but not have to spend the whole night doing it, the eclipse this Monday is your chance. Think of it, you won’t loose any sleep because you’re already awake. You won’t get lost trying to find you fishing spot because you can see it easily in the daylight before the dragon eats the sun. The boat ramp will probably not be very crowded since they will all be somewhere else trying to see what happens when the moon cuts across the sun and they will be looking at a pinhole on a sheet of paper instead of enjoying the fishing with a bunch of freaked out fish. You won’t have to make a lot of coffee just to stay awake and you won’t be tired at work the next day because you stayed up half the night. If the night fishing isn’t all that great, you can call it quits after several minutes depending on where you are and go fishing in the daylight like you normally would……you won’t have invested a lot of time on this adventure.

What should you do?

All in all, I think giving the eclipse fishing thing will be a lot of fun and very efficient. So don’t bother with buying special glasses that you’ll never wear again or if you live long enough to see the next one you probably won’t be able to find your glasses that you bought in 2017. All you really need to do to enjoy the eclipse is don’t look at the friggin sun.


Floodtide Festival, Saturday August 19th, 2017

So, what is the Floodtide Festival? Well, like any good festival, The Blackfly Floodtide Festival is an gathering of enthusiastic anglers and fishing manufacturers reps getting together to honor the best fishing event in North Florida by eating BarBQ and drinking beer. That’s right, this is a very sophisticated event!

We expect that it will be very crowded so there will be tons of parking in the new lot behind the shopping plaza and the Sherwin Williams paint store….look for the parking signs pointing you to the lot.

It starts at 10am and is over at 4pm.

The flood tides are seasonal and are brought on by the proximity of the moon causing extremely high tides from mid summer until October or November. The redfish in our case, know these tides are coming and swim up into the flooded grass to eat the various types of baits like crabs, grasshoppers and minnows that have moved onto the shallow flats. So the beauty of this mini migration onto higher ground is that because it’s so shallow, the redfish are clearly visible and sometimes stick their tails out of the water in the process of rooting out a crab from the muddy bottom. At that point, fly anglers can easily see the reds and cast a fly to the unsuspecting redfish. This type of fishing is really the highlight of the year here in North Florida and all of us anglers look forward to this flooding event and of course the Floodtide Festival.
You should be there because it’s a yearly chance to meet most of the local guides and all types of anglers who travel to the Jacksonville area just for this event and a chance to catch a redfish on fly. Then there’s the huge raffle featuring very very expensive rods and reels and art plus all kinds of gadgets that you know you need. The Blackfly Cafe will be open all day long serving our regular menu plus Andrew’s famous BarBQ and the Ballast Point Brewing Company will be serving beer. Raffle tickets are $10.00 and you get 2 beers, 2 raffle tickets and one of Andrews award winning BarBQ sandwiches. Additional tickets are $2.00 each. Blackfly Outfitter will be featuring deals galore along with casting lessons on our front lawn. Strike-Zone fishing will be participating this year with unbelievable deals on Kayaks and Paddle boards plus specials in the Strike-Zone store.

Well, the list is long but here are a few: East Cape Skiffs from Orlando (this is the boat company that we use at Blackfly Lodge), Guy Tillitson with TFO, Sage, Patagonia, Simms and the huge Simms bus, Nautilus reels, Artist Paul Puckett and Floodtide Company, Bullsugar representing the effort to repair the Everglades, Hatch Reels, the owner of Thomas & Thomas Fine Fly Rods, Orvis, representatives from our new marketing partners from Bienville Plantation near Lake City and Scott Rods. There’s actually more and you’ll see them if you come.