Blackfly Outfitter Fishing Report and Forecast May 27,2016

Today’s report is from Capt. James Dumas, dealing with the fishing conditions in the area from St. Augustine down to the Matanzas Inlet. Capt James gives a very detailed report on all the areas from the inshore backcountry fishing to whats happening in the surf with plenty of Pogie {Menhaden) pods around and he even talks about all of the great fishing to be had offshore. Listen in for all the details of Capt. James report.

Blackfly Outfitter Fishing Report and Forecast May 24,2016

Vaughn Cochran’s “Clapboard Marsh”


Today I have a report from Capt. John Bottko, the voice of near shore fishing here in the Jacksonville area. Capt. John reports that the upcoming week has all the elements coming together to make it an excellent several days to be on the water. From ideal early morning conditions in the back-country to fish in the surf at Little Talbot Island. Listen in as Capt. John lays it out for you.


Blackfly Outfitter Fishing Report and Forecast May 15,2016

The report this week is from Capt. James Dumas fishing primarily in the St. Augustine area and from Capt. John Bottko fishing the Jacksonville area.

In this report James recaps a great week of fishing last week and his expectations of the upcoming week. A fantastic week for almost every fish that swims in our waters. James not only gives you info on where the fish are and for you fly fishermen he’s sharing some great information on what flies are working on which fish and how to best fish the fly for maximum results. Listen in for a great report!



Capt. Bottko’s report is very similar but with a few local differences. John fishing the surf at Little Talbot State Park had a very nice 31″ red, so the surf fishing is a good option if the conditions are right. Listen to Capt. Bottko’s suggestions for this weeks opportunities on the water.




 The Outfitter Team: From left to right, Capt. Austin Bacon, Vaughn Cochran, Jean Cochran, Matti Majorin, Randy Lanier and store manager Capt. James Ferguson, Not pictured: Our webmaster Jeff Segallos and Capt. John Bottko

The Outfitter Team: From left to right, Capt. Austin Bacon, Vaughn Cochran, Jean Cochran, Matti Majorin, Randy Lanier and store manager Capt. James Ferguson, Not pictured: Our webmaster Jeff Segallos and Capt. John Bottko


Jean and I, as well as the entire Blackfly Outfitter team, are very pleased to officially welcome Matti Majorin as part of our Blackfly family. Matti has been a steadfast and strong supporter of Blackfly from the very beginning. For years he has supported the development of the Blackfly brand with counsel, support and guidance, as well being a tireless ambassador around the globe and to the fly fishing trade.

Since the first day we met nearly 25 years ago to fish for tarpon around Key West, Matti and I have developed a very special friendship. His love of nature and of all things fly fishing, his talent as a fly tyer and his ability to put the fly where it mattered, made for some unforgettable days on the flats. Since then, we have been very lucky to share many days on the flats at the Blackfly Lodge, bringing back more than our share of fishing stories.

With an international background and DNA wired for travel, Matti has been very lucky to wander around the globe visiting many places.

Seychelles, St. François Atoll, 2013

From his beloved and native Finland, to the Kola Peninsula and all the way to Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia, the Seychelles and the Amazon, Matti has traveled in pursuit of tarpon, bonefish, trout, salmon, northern pike, musky, sailfish, peacock bass, and many other species.

Throughout his travel and because of his passion for fly fishing, Matti has also managed to build great friendships with many in the fly fishing world.

In our quest to serve our customers ever better, we have begun a new chapter at Blackfly Outfitter with a greatly expanded store, a new Café and Taproom right next door, and so much more.

Matti is helping us develop these ventures as a partner, and as our Brand Research Manager, as well as our Travel Ambassador. With his help and with the help of our great partners in the travel industry, we are about to offer hosted trips, new fly fishing schools, and a greatly expanded web presence.


Together with the team at Untamed Angling, Matti will host a trip to the Marié River in Brazil from Sept 28 – Oct 6.

Marié River: Rio De Gigantes, Brazil 2015

He was on the Marié for the opening of the new lodge last year and the fishing was incredible! Join him if you want a chance at catching a giant Peacock Bass, it is the best place in the world to do it. Period! Knowing Matti it will be a another great trip.

Thank you Matti for the great support all these years. We are all looking forward to building a great future altogether for Blackfly.

Vaughn Cochran, May 2016.

For info on the Brazil trip, or to be put on our mailing list for additional hosted trips and travel specials with our team, or for anything Blackfly email Matti: