Blackfly Outfitter Fishing Report and Forecast April 26, 2016

This week’s report from Capt. James Dumas fishing in the St. Augustine area is a look at the beginning of our warm weather fishing season. With the forecast of light winds and warming temperatures Capt. James is looking at a great week of fishing this week and it should just keep getting better. This week he offers some great advice on the selection of flies for the long rodders. He shares with you the flies that have been working for him and his clients. Don’t miss this one!






Blackfly Outfitter Fishing Report and Forecast April 12,2016

This week we have reports from both Capt. Bottko fishing mostly in the Jacksonville area and from Capt. Dumas fishing the St. Augustine area. Both captains have one main theme that describes the inshore fishing in our area, the weather! They both offer great tips on how to deal with the conditions of last week and the outlook for this week and they are both looking for the fishing both inshore and along the beach to really get going as soon as this weather pattern breaks up. Listen to their reports to take advantage of the information they are willing to share with you.


Capt. Bottko’s report:


Capt. Dumas’s report:





Here is a nice red caught by one of Capt. Dumas clients this past week.

Blackfly Outfitters Fishing Report and Forecast April 6, 2016

This week we have a report from Capt. John Bottko and the good news is that he is looking for next week to be a week with conditions that are getting back to normal. The bad news is that this week is not looking too good. High winds as they clock around to the northeast by the weekend and a little cooler than average temperatures. Listen in and Capt. John will give you the details.



Here’s a nice photo Capt. John sent in of one of his clients with a nice fly caught redfish.