Let’s Win This Damn Thing!

Blackfly the brand is off on yet another tangent, to win a 30 second TV commercial sponsored by the Quickbooks company, Intuit. It will be aired during this years Superbowl game in New Jersey….in February….in an open air stadium! What? If I win I will be attending the only Superbowl game played in an open air stadium in recent memory!!!!! If I win do I have to go? It had better be a sky box with a heater…in from Florida, don’t they know that?
We had to jump through a lot of hoops, answer several business questions and produce a 90 second video which is really remarkable that it was done in 36 hours and is completely the work of Graham Hegamyer, friend and fellow fly fisherman from South Carolina. Graham has been working with us at Blackfly for some time now and his video will insure that he will remain with us for some time to come…a really incredible job in 36 hours and two countries later.
Check out his video below….we love it! Continue reading “Let’s Win This Damn Thing!”