Parallel Universe??….Shhhhh!

I know I said in my last article that I was going to write about not bringing fried chicken on a charter. I was going to go into great detail how my friend Capt. Bob Montgomery of Key West fame would in the morning of his charter open his customers lunch boxes and toss out any fried chicken or bananas. The bananas because everybody knows why! The fried chicken because after eating fried chicken there is no way not to get chicken grease on everything that is touched….grips, reel handles, lures, seats or anything else within range. Bob never asked, he casually tossed it out of the boat with a flick of the wrist without looking up to see where it was going to land. No one ever protested that I know of. Bob had a very intense manner about him, you knew he was serious. Actually I think he didn’t look up while tossing the fried fowl because he didn’t want to start laughing.

No, this article is about fishing in a parallel universe…you know, that’s the universe that exists along side our universe but we don’t know it. Well we know it, but we can’t actually see it. OK, we think we know that it exists and we wonder how we are doing over there. I’m fairly certain that I’m doing a lot better fishing over there than I’m doing here. All those fish that I lost on my last trip to the Bahamas, I caught them over there. That girl with the Thomas and Thomas fly rod with the Hatch reel at the bar….I almost sure that in the parallel universe we’re having a blast fishing in her new flats boat (she’s poling) and I just landed my fourth permit on fly. We were having some real fun!

Please don’t tell my wife Jean about this parallel universe or I will have to move to another parallel universe several parallel universes away. I didn’t mention that scientist agree that there are many parallel universes. Don’t tell Jean about those either…I have way too much fishing tackle in most of those too!

Next month, all about fishing in this universe and the fish I didn’t catch.