Vaughn Cochran notes when I’m not painting

Well, it’s been a while since I last imposed on your attention span and I’ve been asked to do it again. My articles tend to be about fly fishing but I tend write around the edges of the subject. It’s like my paintings, they’re about fishing but not necessarily OF a fish. The reason I do this is because I collect antique fishing magazines for the unique artwork and the great graphics that were used at the time. When I do take the time to read and article or two it is amazing how some aspects of fishing never change. I believe you could copy an article from 1955 and publish it in today’s magazine and no one would know the difference….and this includes all of the articles on conservation! So, all of the easy articles have already been written years ago and I just can’t bring myself to explain, in a better way, that the reason a brown fly works better than a blue fly or how to apply line dressing so it doesn’t make your flyline even worse.

If you’ve fly fished for a while you pretty much have it all down as to why you need to tie good knots, how to pick a fly and by all means don’t throw your trash in the water or you might be flogged by someone in a canoe eating carrots. No, I will always try to investigate the part of fly fishing that no one really ever talks about or seems to think is an important subject like; What if I ate something last night and I need to explain to my charter that I really need to jump in the water and cool off….the water temp is 53 by the way. Nobody ever addresses that issue but I will. The answer for those of you who want to know what to say is: you forgot to take a critical pill and if you don’t get back to the marina right away you will die, or something like that.

Another subject I’ll never write about, unless I’m really desperate, is; what hand should I reel with if I’m right handed. Don’t bother to write in and tell me what you think about that subject because we talk about that every day in the fly shop. If you’re a trout fisherman you will probably reel with your left hand until you catch something that takes you and hour or two to get to the boat and you discover that your left hand no longer works and you’ll need surgery.

My next article will be about why you shouldn’t bring fried chicken on a charter….everybody already knows that you don’t dare bring bananas!