The Vaughn Cochran IGFA Art Show
Jan. thru April 2012


The invitation to do this show arrived at about the same time I decided to venture into the difficult world of portraits. Not just any portraits but drawings and paintings of the legends of the industry. In this show, I’m following a path I chose years ago, to create art that spoke about the images, ideas and concepts of the fishing industry….to explore the colors, the many boats, the familiar scenes and of course the fish.

Andy Worhol through his colorful paintings, elevated everyday items of the popular culture into the art world, (where the term “Pop” came from). This is my chance to elevate the icons and everyday images of the fishing world to be seen in a different way. I wanted to explore bringing my interpretation of my friends to the walls of the IGFA.

What better way to force myself to actually execute the idea of painting contemporary portraits from conception to “hanging a show” than to commit to an exhibition.

Each piece in this show could be a starting point for another show, paintings that would be take offs, exploring the concepts that were established in that particular painting.

I’m sure you’ll see these thoughts again in paintings somewhere down the road, as every artist is always asking the same question…where do I go from here? Should I keep painting the same thing over and over again or should I take a chance and risk failure?

Take a chance…..failure is not an option!

I hope you enjoy the show.
All paintings are available for sale, give me a call if you’re interested in a purchase.