Martin Kaymer’s “Neck Wrap” is a Black Fly Buff

Martin Kaymer wearing a Black Fly Buff

I had just landed in Ft. Lauderdale after a fishing trip to Bimini, found my truck, got on the road to St. Augustine when I got the first phone call. My Black Fly Buff was on TV. WHAT !!! Then two more calls, the phone starts humming with posts on Facebook. It was true, Martin Kaymer was wearing my Black Fly Buff design on national TV. Everybody was asking him about his neck wear and the commentators for PGA called it the newest fashion statement in PGA golf in years. In his post match interview Martin mentioned that he purchased the Black Fly Buff in a local sporting goods store and Buffs are being worn in Europe by soccer players. I would like to thank Martin for his good taste in neckwear and to extend to him an invitation to come fishing at Black Fly Bonefish Club in Abaco. If you’re interested in a Black Fly Buff, go to our Black Fly Outfitter Store link.

Sailfish Flies, Marlin Flies…what color?

We always love to brag but in this case we REALLY want to brag……check out our incredible selection of Offshore, Bluewater and Billfish Flies. Flyfishing for Sailfish, Marlin, White’s and Stripes is serious business and we know the kind of flies you need to get the job done. We have in stock, Cam Siglar specialty offshore flies, Rainy’s Bluewater flies, hand tied billfish flies by master fly tyer Don Reed of and sailfish and marlin flies by Umpqua/H2O. We’ve checked around and we have the most extensive selection of billfish flies of anybody on the web, so give us a try. We do custom rigging to your specifications or you can go for a world record with our IGFA tied beauties.

Everybody knows that you can’t leave home without a set of pink flies if you’re going after sails and you better take a few blue and white mackerel looking guys too. You also must have a dorado pattern of green and yellow. On the smaller flies we recommend a single rig using a 6/0 hook. The dual flies with the popper head and a tandem hook should be rigged with the “Phillips Rig”. The “Phillips Rig” is a new concept developed to enhance the chances for the survival of the billfish in the event that the fish is broken off before the removal of the fly. The hooks are tied in the fly so that if the fish gets hooked in the upper and lower jaw at the same time, the hook separates to allow the fish to open it’s mouth enough to still feed.

In addition to the “tube” type billfish flies we chose the single hook bluewater flies by Rainy’s to round out our selection of offshore flies
These flies come in all of the most successful color combination’s with names like Rainy’s Bluewater Terminator, Ocean Candy, Poppin Featherhead and Rainy’s Robrahn Bluewater Series. These single hook flies are very popular and best of all, they CATCH FISH.

I haven’t done much offshore flyfishing recently, but with Black Fly Outfitter/Bonefish Bimini joining forces with The Guy Harvey Outpost Resort, I hope to got out on the Big Blue again and give it a shot.

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Bluewater Flies
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