The Art of Adventure

It’s not everyday that one of your friends, who happens to be one of the best sports writers around, gets the opportunity to write a magazine article for Fly Rod and Reel about your career. Many thanks to Mike Conner for doing such a great job. This story came about from a fishing trip to Black Fly Bonefish Club last year where my wife Jean and I hosted Stu Apte and his wife Jeanine to a bonefishing excursion to Abaco. I called Mike to see if he was interested in documenting this event as I thought someone should be recording this meeting. I also wanted to start the painting of Stu, an idea that I had been working on for several months. My goal is to paint portraits all of the famous fishing celebrities and this was the perfect time to get this project going. As mike described in the article, I had the features drawn out so that it was easy to paint and I assigned everyone gathered around the table a color and a brush.
Vaughn at work
Everyone picked a part of the drawing and started painting. We didn’t finish the painting in Abaco so I finished it off back in my studio in St. Augustine. Everyone signed it and the signatures are part of the painting and the posters that will be produced this month.
So thanks again Mike, you did a great job and the fishing was incredible…
To read Mike’s entire article, click on this link