“Incoming”…A fly fishing scene from Abaco, Bahamas

Painting in Abaco has become almost as much of a passion to me as fly fishing in Abaco….It’s getting there quickly. The sky reflects the Bahamian turquoise blue water and the water returns the favor. This is the land of bright colors softened by days and days of glaring sunlight that turns all colors into the same pastel tones.

A new painting by Vaughn Cochran
Oil on Canvas                                                                                               $4500.00

“Incoming” is the result of a moment in time on the flats waiting for the tide to come in signaling the beginning of the bonefish tidal banquet. Bonefishing in the Bahamas is one of the great pursuits of a fishermans fishing life and trying to capture the anticipation of the event is always a challenge for the artist. A painting like “incoming” relies on the observer having experienced the “game day” butterflies, the waiting and knowing what is in store, not always sure of the outcome but hoping for the best, then counting on the feeling of success.

A work in progress
In progress....filling in the details.

“Incoming” is an oil on canvas painting, 20×30 inches. There are Limited Edition prints available numbered from 1 to 300 priced at $225.00 each. Numbers 1-10 are priced accordingly.