Black Fly is now in Bimini!

I want to share with you a little more information regarding the press release we posted a few days ago.
The association with the great group of people working with the Guy Harvey Bimini Big Game Club Outpost Resort & Marina is going very well and the Resort is open for business and word is spreading quickly through the boating and fishing community.
My part of the operation in addition to my friendship with Guy Harvey and the overall promotion of the project will be to represent the inshore and fly fishing opportunities that the shallows surrounding Bimini continue to provide. Bimini has a long tradition of being known as the big bonefish capital of the Caribbean. At one point in time, not all that long ago, Bimini held four of the six existing world records for bonefish. In the time that the original Big Game Club was in decline and the bonefishing shifted to other areas, the fish had nothing to do but to continue to grow and with less fishing pressure their numbers increased dramatically.
Some of the legendary bonefish guides are still in Bimini and are still poling the flats in search of new records. Names like Ansel Saunders, Tommy Saunders, Eagle Eye Fred and Bonefish Ebbie are well known to the many devotees of the Grey Ghost of the Flats.
My direct involvement will be to provide an on site tackle store and outfitter operation to support the inshore fishing program. If you come to Bimini and want to take advantage of the tremendous shallow water fishery, we can take care of all of your needs through the Black Fly Bimini Tackle Shop. In addition to the physical store in the resort, you can also access it online here.

What follows is an excerpt from our Bimini Tackle Shop website that kinda sums it all up.

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Fly Fishing Bimini

If flyfishing Bimini is not in your plans for this next year, you might want to do some re-scheduling. With the recent restoration this past year of the classic Bimini Big Game Club by Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts, first class fishing in one of Hemingway’s favorite fishing holes is a reality again. In addition, artist Guy Harvey has teamed up with fellow artist and fly fisherman Vaughn Cochran to offer the complete the fishing package for anyone interested in pursuing big game fishing.

The Team

Guy Harvery & Vaughn CochranGuy’s passion for offshore fishing and his dedication to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation is matched with Vaughn’s enthusiasm for inshore fly fishing for bonefish, permit, tarpon and the conservation and education of anglers worldwide. “We’ll make a great team,” says Vaughn, “I’m really looking forward to the positive influence we can bring to preservation of the inshore and offshore species and still enjoy our passion for intelligent fishing practices.”

World Records

Bimini BonefishFishing legends and extreme angling feats in Bimini have filled the IGFA record books over the years and bonefishing in Bimini is just as impressive. At one point in time, not all that long ago, Bimini held four of the six existing world records. Everyone who’s ever been there agrees… “There’s something about this place, you can feel it the minute you hit the island, somehow, you know it’s special!”

Black Fly Promise

Black Fly BiminiBlack Fly Bimini is a new concept where Black Fly will be a strategic partner in every aspect of Guy Harvey Outpost Resort and will support the inshore fishing program plus Black Fly will market all of the great shirts, hats, wading gear, bonefish tackle and fishing clothes in the Guy Harvey Outpost outfitter store on the resort property.

Vaughn Cochran’s Black Fly Bimini brings you the same quality and enthusiasm you have always experienced with our Black Fly Outfitter store, Black Fly products and Black Fly destinations no matter where you go. We are honored to represent the incredible guides that have been fishing the waters of Bimini for years and years and we’re sure you will be as impressed as we are.

Press Release

We’ve been very busy here at Black Fly Outfitters with a lot of new things happening that are demanding our time. As a result, this blog has been regrettably neglected.
Today I’m posting a press release from earlier this month that we are very excited about and is a big part of what’s been keeping us so busy.
Take a minute or two to read it and I think you’ll see what we’re so excited about!

Guy Harvey and Vaughn Cochran Team to Create Black Fly Bimini at the Bimini Big Game Club, a Guy Harvey Outpost Resort & Marina

OCTOBER 5, 2010:

Guy Harvey announced today he is teaming with fellow artist, conservationist and fly fishing personality, Vaughn Cochran, to launch Black Fly Bimini, a Guy Harvey Outpost Outfitter operation.

Opening in late October 2010, Black Fly Bimini will operate out of the newly reopened Bimini Big Game Club, a Guy Harvey Outpost Resort and Marina.

“I am extremely pleased to bring Vaughn’s passion and knowledge of flyfishing to the Big Game Club”, noted Harvey. “This legendary Club overlooks flats abundant with bonefish and permit, and Vaughn has just the skills to help us promote Bimini’s remarkable back-country fishery for its great fishing and mesmerizing natural beauty.”
Black Fly Bimini will organize all of the Big Game Club’s back-country fishing programs, with on-site staff, operations and merchandising support.
Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Cochran and his fly fishing wife, Jean, oversee Black Fly Inc., a collection of enterprises featuring fly fishing merchandise, art and travel. The couple has recently opened Black Fly Bonefish Club, their newest lodge, located on Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas.
Commenting on the opportunities Cochran foresees for Black Fly Bimini:
“Bimini is one of those rare locations where you can have world-class back-country and offshore fishing just minutes from the dock. Guy and his Outpost team have restored the Club to its rightful place as a legendary out-island destination for top-of-class offshore anglers. Now with the help of the island’s legendary bonefishing guides, we’re going to revitalize awareness of the great bonefishing that Bimini offers.”
“Hands down any day, for a pure adrenaline rush, the Grey Ghosts of Bimini can hold their own against the Man in the Blue Suit”, Cochran added referring to the Blue Marlin that is synonymous with Bimini’s reputation among off-shore anglers.
In addition to featuring Guy Harvey sportswear and gifts, the Outfitter shop at the Bimini Big Game Club will feature Black Fly merchandise and fly fishing supplies, including assorted flies developed especially for conditions on the Bimini flats.

About Vaughn Cochran

A Florida native, Cochran grew up in the art community of St. Augustine and earned art degrees in ceramics and painting at the internationally known and respected Art and Printmaking Department of the University of South Florida.
Arriving in Key West in 1972, he started his fishing career, while becoming an original member of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band. Becoming one of the most respected fly fishing guides in the Florida Keys, Cochran later managed some of the legendary fishing lodges of the Caribbean and Central America, including Parismina Tarpon Rancho in Costa Rica and Turneffe Island Lodge in Belize. Along the way, he nurtured his artistic calling, and today his works are found in numerous private and corporate collections, including a recent one-man exhibition at the IGFA’s main gallery.
“Although I still enjoy painting the traditional fishing and seascape scenes that I’m known for, my newest work is in the pop style from earlier in my painting career. I started with pop art fish and have moved on to other images and icons of the fishing industry, he said.” These paintings are now available as prints as are many of his more traditional scenes of the flats he fished on a regular basis.
With his quick wit and entertaining laid back style, Cochran is a frequent host and guest of various fly-fishing TV shows including the popular “Spanish Fly” with fishing pal, Jose Wejebe.
What started out as Vaughn Cochran’s marine art gallery years ago has turned into one of the most unique destination fly shops in the U.S., Black Fly Outfitter, a full service technical fly shop specializing in saltwater flies, custom fly kits, fly rods, fly reels and clothing for tropical fly fishing destinations around the world.
The company’s sumi-style Black Fly logo adorns a complete line of fly fishing merchandise, gear and gifts. Original paintings, fine art prints, ceramic tiles and art pottery, Black Fly merchandise and additional T- shirts are available at

About Bimini Big Game Club, a Guy Harvey Outpost Resort and Marina
Founded as a dinner club in 1936 in Alice Town, the island’s cultural hub, by Nassau entrepreneur and bon-vivant, Neville Stuart, the Big Game Club has over the last 74 years hosted world-class fishermen, major tournaments, international celebrities and tens of thousands guests looking to bask in the unique “Islands in the Stream” mantra made famous by author Ernest Hemingway who fished and lived in Bimini in the mid 1930s.
Today, the Big Game Club’s Outpost concept is designed to take the resort beyond that of a “fishing lodge” (though admittedly a majority of visitors will be there for the world class fishing) to create an eco-destination attracting both fishing and diving enthusiasts while focusing on adventure travel, sustainable tourism and marine conservation.
The Big Game Club, which is located on the main navigation channel in Bimini Bay, currently features a 51-room resort and a 75-slip marina capable of accommodating boats up to 145 linear feet. By Spring 2011, a full service fuel dock will be operational.
There are Phase II plans that will include a Guy Harvey Theater, guest lecture series and interactive sessions with Dr. Harvey and the Guy Harvey Research Institute at NOVA Southeastern Oceanographic Center and day trips to the Bimini Biological Field Station’s world-famous shark lab.

  • Location: _________Alice Town (North Bimini’s Southern Tip)
  • Marina Facilities: ___75 Slips
  • Regular Rooms: ____35
  • Penthouse Suites: ___4
  • Cottage Rooms: ____12
  • Restaurants: _______Bimini Big Game Bar & Grill
  • Pools: ____________Freshwater
  • Activities: _________Outpost Outfitter Shop
  • Reservation: _______1-800-867-4764
  • Website: