Blackfly Outfitter Fishing Report and Forecast June 20, 2016

Capt. James Dumas fishing out of the St. Augustine area has a good report this week with a good variety of fish that found their way to his anglers flies and to the boat. The beach fishing has been a bit tough lately with all of the wind and rain but the inshore has been very good over the last week and Capt. James looks for it to continue. Redfish, trout, jacks, bluefish and flounder have been the most abundant fish for him this week. Listen in for another great report from Capt. James.

Blackfly Outfitter Weekly Fishing Report and Forecast – Oct. 31, 2015

Good Morning, today I’m posting our weekly reports a couple of days late. I received reports from both Capt. Dumas and Capt. Bottko that they submitted to me on Friday afternoon. As many of you know the crew here at Blackfly Outfitters are busy preparing for our move to our new digs just down the sidewalk to the space that was occupied by Gene’s Seafood, right next door to Dave Workmans Strike Zone. I worked late on Friday and again yesterday and by the time I got home was too tired to do the editing and posting. So here on a relaxing Sunday morning I’m posting their reports to our Blog.

Both Captains have good reports of excellent fishing and the forecast is for it to continue into the next week as the weather looks good for little rain and moderate winds. Both report good catches of trout and redfish with some nice flounder mixed in for those looking for a good meal on the table.
Give a listen to the reports from two of the best inshore Captains in Northeast Florida.

Captain Dumas’s report:

Captain Bottko’s report:


Blackfly Outfitter Weekly Fishing Report and Forecast – Oct. 17, 2015

Today we have reports from Capt. John Bottko reporting for the Jacksonville area and Capt. James Dumas with his report from the St. Augustine area. Both Captains have great reports from the last couple of days after a wild windy and rain soaked period when it was hard to get out and tough finding fish if you could get out. The current break in the weather before this next front moving in that will bring more high winds out of the Northeast, should give a great few days of fishing. Right now there is a great trout bite going on and lots of happy redfish as well. In addition to the reds and trout there are also nice catches of ladyfish, bluefish and jacks being reported. Listen in to the reports for details from both Captains.

Here’s Capt. Bottko’s report

And here’s Capt. Dumas’s report

Here are a couple of photos that Capt. Dumas sent in from the last couple of days.



Blackfly Outfitter Weekly Fishing Report and Forecast by Captain James Dumas

This weeks Blackfly Outfitter Weekly Fishing Report is from Capt. Dumas fishing primarily out of the St. Augustine area. After a week of high winds, NE winds and a ton of rain Capt. James is looking forward to a break in the weather over the next couple of days. Plenty of fish around even with the less than ideal conditions. Listen to Capt. James’s report for the details.

Here’s a couple of photos he sent with his report. The shot of James with the snook is from a couple of weeks ago.



Blackfly Outfitter Weekly Fishing Report and Forecast by Captain John Bottko

As many of you know we have been providing local fishing reports on a weekly basis for a while now. Starting today we will be posting their audio reports here on our Blog. We are featuring Captain John Bottko, a backcountry guide chartering out of Jacksonville and Captain James Dumas, a backcountry guide chartering out of St. Augustine. Both captains are highly regarded as being in the top echelon of charter captains in Northeast Florida. Both are avid fly fishermen and tailor their reports to the fly fishermen in our area. Although they emphasize the fly fishing opportunities, the information that they share is just as valuable to the spin fishermen.
Capt. John’s outlook for the coming week is a very positive. Excellent tides for the flood tide fishermen coupled with low pressure and fairly strong northeast winds promises plenty of water to get the redfish up tailing in the grass.
If the weather allows you to get out to the St. Augustine inlet there are good reports of tarpon still being active and a good flounder bite as well.
Capt. John will be away for a few days on what sounds like quite an adventure, a first for him. Listen to his report for the details.

A very nice red on fly from last years flood tide season, caught by Andrew of Blackfly Outfitter.