Sage Method vs Sage Igniter Fly Rod..a review

This review is written by Blackfly Outfitter associate Nick Way,

We just recently received our first shipment of Sage’s latest fly rod offering the Igniter. This rod replaces the Method in their line as their “Ultra-Fast All Water Rod”. The 7wt Method has been a favorite of ours in the shop for some time for our local fishery and occasional trips to bonefish in the Bahamas when conditions allow or present the need for a lighter presentation. Personally it is the rod I am holding on the bow 9 times out of 10 and is one of the best rods in that line class I have thrown. I was anxious to get my hands on the 7wt Igniter to see if it was a worthy replacement to my go to stick.

Sage Igniter
After casting both side by side paired with a Tibor Backcountry and Rio Flats Pro it’s easy to see that the Igniter is an upgrade to the Method. With the use of Sage’s Konnetic HD technology the Igniter is even lighter and more responsive than its predecessor. It puts the best attributes of the method in raw power to turn over heavy flies and punch through the wind in a much more user friendly package by improving the feel of the rod allowing less experienced caster to feel the rod load and is much more controllable and accurate in close.
Overall I think Sage hit a home run with this rod as they did the Method and it is sure to become a fan favorite. Not only will it excel in our local fishery but throwing large streamers for trout or throwing to spooky bones in a stiff breeze. Pair up the 7wt with a lighter reel such as the Tibor Backcountry and you truly have an all water setup that can excel in many different fisheries.
Check out the brand new Igniter Fly Rod here: Sage Igniter

Bonefish flies, what do I need?

If you’ve been bonefishing for a while like me, you probably have a nice collection of bonefish flies. When I say “nice collection” I mean a boat load of bonefish flies, no I mean hundreds of bonefish flies. Do I really NEED all those bonefish flies? Maybe! You see, a nice collection is exactly that, the word collection is the key word here. Collection is a certain thing or things accumulated in one location. These flies are not necessarily for using, well they might be, but these are for the purpose of having them in case I come upon a rare occasion that one of the old reliable bonefish flies doesn’t work. The conversation with myself goes like this, ” They’re not eating anything, maybe this will work”, as I pull out my box of bonefish flies that I usually don’t get that desperate for, here’s one, I’ve never tried this one before.” I tie it on and wait for the next chance for rejection. Rule number one: If they’re not eating the old reliable ones, they’re probably not going to eat the new never used one either. Sometimes they do, but mostly they don’t.

So, what do I need? Everything you have in your fly box. This is a peace of mind situation knowing that you have every possible base covered no matter what the fish or Mother Nature throws at you. Deep water, shallow water, fast or slow moving water, no sun, blinding bright reflections, dirty water, crystal clear water, it doesn’t matter, I’m covered! When you do find the magic fly, you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re really good at this!

Anatomy of a new Series

In keeping with our website theme of travel/tarpon fishing/permit, we might as well mention one of the best gamefish challenges on the flats….Mr Barracuda. You’ll notice that I included a recent painting of a variation of my popular “Barracuda Bright”. This often overlooked ruler of the flats is one of the first few experimental paintings in my new “Bright Night” series. Prior to this painting, I did “Night Striper” which sprung from one of my original black and white fly paintings that Ive been doing for years. From the beginning of that series I was always trying to decide what I would do with those paintings to expand the fly painting concept.

I had a couple of those black and whites sitting around in the studio and one day I just started painting with black paint, filling in around the fly not knowing what was going to happen. I chose a crab fly painting that had been in the shop for a while because I could put a permit in the design somewhere. As my thinking progressed and thoughts came and went, the muse took over it was time to experiment and do studies on old canvases. There was a barracuda print at the Blackfly Restaurant that need to be replaced so I took that home and went to work. I would paint on it until I ruined it, paint anything I wanted until it was time to cut the canvas off and burn it. Sometimes when painting you can go from reckless abandon to “maybe I can save this”. Presenting “Night Cuda”!

After that exercise I felt I could move on with the experiment and try to decide how I was going to paint the permit that I had penciled in under the crab fly. I produced 3 little 8×10 paintings that I called “Conversations on the Boat” trying to figure that out. Finally after two not related to the series paintings had been completed (Net neutrality and Free Swimmer) I got back to the crab piece. The project changed when I decided to add the two remaining canvases to the center panel and create a triptych. New challenges hit me and I had to decide how I was going to incorporate those pieces into what I had already started. More weeks went by until the design came to me while driving. This project had now consumed at least six months of my time.

Now it was time patiently finish the three canvases, filling all the holes, cleaning up the lines, cover the thin paint and painting the edges of the paintings….. basically two weeks of detail work.

I’m done now and thinking of what to do next.

Time To Travel (Part 2)

The Blackfly website theme has been focused on travel for the past month or so and since I’m traveling, I thought I could get away with another post to reinforce our theme. I’m sitting in the Bahamas at Blackfly Lodge trying to put this experience in prospective. The main take away from the act of traveling is to experience something new, go to a a new place or obtain a new perspective on life in general. I will also add time to reflect on life and to get new art ideas. Today I realize that there is another reason to travel ……to spend time with friends. Out of all theses experiences I think spending time with friends is the most important. I was invited on this particular fishing trip because one of the original anglers hadn’t gotten his passport renewed in time. I had about a three day notice and managed to get clear of my work and household duties to sign on for the trip.

Now you know the best parts of any fishing trip is the anticipation, planning you trip and tying flies and buying some new equipment. I missed out on all of that, I was lucky to just get everything together and packed. Fortunately, I keep my gear mostly ready to go in a moments notice and I just have to divide my flies up depending on where I’m going.

OK, we’re at the lodge and the truths begin to come to light. All of the guys on this trip have known each other over 50 years. They terrorized the colleges they went to and shared hunting trips to Africa. They dated the same girls and shared all of life’s highs and lows. The beauty is they’re still traveling through this universe partying, drinking, but not as much, and now recounting who did what to whom. It is an honor to have been asked into this group and I feel like I’ve been let into a secret society. Never pass up and opportunity to be with old friends, even if they’re not YOUR old friends.

Time To Travel

The Blackfly Outfitter website theme for the next few weeks is all about traveling to foreign destinations to go fishing. Periodically we will be adding more products and pictures of ideas that we think are necessary for your trip. The point of being prepared is basically this: The more prepared you are, the more opportunities you have to be successful. They always say, “most fish are caught the night before”.

This time of year is always when most of us are thinking of ways to get out of cold weather and finding that rush of warm air when you step out of the airplane door. Oh yeah, green trees too! You certainly can add cold drinks like Kalik beer, mojitos, and margaritas. I have to keep reminding myself we’re here to fish! So, getting ready to go fishing is almost the best part of going on a trip. It’s the anticipation, the hours of daydreaming about how it’s going to feel catching that first bonefish or maybe finally catching your first permit on fly.

So how do you start to accumulate all of the gear you’re going to need and most importantly, WHAT actually do you need? There are many lists available online but one place you can check out is the Blackfly Fly Advisor on our website. The Fly Advisor is a place you can go to find out what flies to take to a particular fishing lodge in the tropics. We picked the tropics to focus on because that’s what we know. We’ve lived there and in many cases we’ve managed a lodge in the area. For instance, Vaughn and Jean, our owners, have lived and managed lodges in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and spent years fishing and guiding in the Florida Keys. Blackfly also owns the Blackfly Lodge in Abaco Bahamas….so, we know our bonefish patterns. The Fly Advisor is also an interactive site that gives you the opportunity to give feedback to others who are going to the lodge that you just came back from. We consult with the lodge managers, guides and others who have been there to find out what flies they used or more importantly, what didn’t work. This is a “pay it forward” kind of site for traveling anglers. On the Fly Advisor site we’ve picked four flies for each lodge that we consider the flies that you must take with you. We also give you a basic rundown of what to expect as far as what the fishing conditions are going to be and how to plan your equipment needs, what size rods and reels you want to have and the water depths so you can decide if you need weighted flies or not. (….. then search the country and then the lodge)

Please give us a call if you need help with any questions about getting prepared to travel. Our specialty is designing lodge specific fly kits so that you don’t spend money on flies you’ll never use. You don’t want to get to your destination and the guide says, “oh those flies won’t work here”. Ask for Andrew, Austin or Nick to help you with your upcoming trip. 904 997 2220 Blackfly Outfitter in Jacksonville Florida.